GgGTULa1Greetings everyone,

I’m Justin Gilman (stylized J. E. Gilman in most cases), just your average ordinary everyday superhero. I grew up in the green hills of Vermont, surrounded by a loving and supportive family that seemed to be everywhere I turned. Even Vermont was pretty much family: the land and the lifestyle certainly had an effect on who I am today.

Despite common sense, I’ve been an actively creative person from an early age. This most likely stemmed from a lively imagination, fueled from being an only child. While I’ve been primarily a musician (including studying music at Northeastern University), I’ve always wanted to bring the ideas of my imagination to life in some way. Due to a poor grasp on what is “art” (at least, according to my grades in school), I’ve dabbled from time to time in writing stories. My first attempts at writing fiction came in ninth grade as a reaction to uncreative English assignments. Turns out, writing well is also something I struggle with, even to this day. But on that glorious day my first story, The Tales of Jayrith, was born. And it only took me another nine years to complete it!

Jump to the present and I now live in the suburbs outside of Boston, MA (hello, adorable but weird Arlington!). I work my day job in nearby Cambridge, and use my spare time to continue writing stories. The Cricket Emblem, which is a continuation of my first novel, was completed in 2014. I’m currently working on a short story to be finished by the summer of 2015. I also take tech courses, which have led to the creation of this here personal website, www.jegilman.com, where I post updates on writings, life, and just about anything else.


I prefer to think of myself more as a storyteller than a traditional writer. Despite my distaste for the physical act of writing, I love hearing and telling stories, whether it’s through songs, films, games, books, or friends.