The world is an amazing place and for once I use that word as it is intended. Having a chance to see it, especially the natural world, it one of the greatest luxuries in life. Outside of writing, this site is mainly dedicated to the experiences and photos I’ve collected (mostly across the USA) and presenting them for others to enjoy.

Adventures are split between the Photography page and the Travel Map. The following is also a list version of my adventures:

EnglandPhotosMonumental Trip
FrancePhotosMonumental Trip
HawaiiPhotosThere And Back Again
MassachusettsPhotosThe CommonwealthTown In Action
North CarolinaPhotos
New HampshirePhotos
New YorkPhotosAutumn Travels
Rhode IslandPhotosDancing Trees and Water Fire
South CarolinaPhotos
San DiegoPhotosThere And Back Again
San FranciscoPhotosIn Which We Explore San Francisco
VermontPhotosObligatory Picture PostWedding Venue
Washington DCPhotos