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The Last Jedi Remixes

After the meme of putting pop music behind the throne room scene from The Last Jedi came to light, I couldn’t resist. May this be a record of my contribution, held in perpetuity on the internet (or until I stop paying my hosting). Baba O’Rey Stuck in the Middle with Rey

The Solace of Summer: out now!

Note that if you’ve been to the site in the last couple of months and didn’t see this post – don’t worry. There is no weird time anomaly going on. I simply thought it would be best to post this back on when the book actually came out.   So first, Happy Birthday to me! It’s also the release of my latest novel, The Summer of Solace. This is the third in the The Jayrith Series and marks the end of the first trilogy. I Continue reading →

Monumental Trip

2 weeks and thousands of photos later, we have returned to the states from our wonderful holiday in Europe. It took over a week to go through all of the videos and photos I took, but now I have two nice curated albums, one for France and one for England. While Helen has traveled overseas on a few occasions, this was my first time leaving North America (what can I say, I love our country and Canada). Our travels took us first to Paris with Continue reading →

A Deep Breath of the Wild

At the time I’m writing this I’ve completed…maybe 25% of the game? But I’ve also spent 40+ hours playing. I haven’t “progressed” very far, though I have seen a lot. And what I’ve seen…is not my favorite Zelda. But it is GOOD! I don’t have the opportunity to play games I don’t like (for numerous reasons) so it’s not like I’m playing begrudgingly. You could say I’m addicted almost. I haven’t enjoyed a Zelda game this much in a long time, but I think that Continue reading →

The Commonwealth

It’s the new year! While 2017 still holds many secrets (I’m sure of it), I took this first day of the new year to look back at the last one. For 2016, we bought a Massachusetts Start Park Pass, which essentially allowed us to park without having to pay fees at 50+ state parks. Truthfully, this was purchased with our favorite beach, Nahant, in mind, as we could avoid having to pay the $6 every time we went AND could skip the normal line and Continue reading →

Yer a Theme Park, ‘Arry!

For our awesome fun time extravaganza this year, I was somehow convinced that we needed to spend a long weekend in Harry Potter World. NB: I loved it, but it was more fun to be against it. The trip was a graduation gift for my SIL, but since we got married about the same time that she graduated last year, we waited to go until this spring. We also coordinated with the Misses’ roommate from college, making it into a full group party!   Previously, I had Continue reading →

Going From Coast(ers) to Coast(ers)

Our latest DIY project was once again inspired by Our Nerd Home. This time we thought we’d try our hand at making coasters. We decided to change up the materials used based on some other articles we read online. Instead of using square tiles, we used round electrical blanks. We liked the look of round vs square and found that the blanks came with foam rings that worked great at bottoms for the coasters. We ended up making three sets of six coasters: one set Continue reading →

Gravity Falls Wallpaper

With the bittersweet news coming out that Gravity Falls will be ending this year, I decided to find a wallpaper for my desktop depicting my favorite lovable cartoon characters. Well, I didn’t really find anything that I loved, so I pieced one together. It’s not great, but it captures my adoration (especially for you, Waddles). If you’d like to use it too, you can download a tif copy here (or use the jpg below)      

There and back again

There’s been a bit of radio silence here this summer… I guess that’s bound to happen when “life gets busy”. And truthfully, it did! We got married! It kind of flew by in one big, beautiful, blur. Looking back, I don’t think there was anything I would have changed. Life – you gave us a pretty awesome day, so I don’t plan on asking too much from you for a while. And yet, you then delivered again for our amazing trip to California/Hawaii! I am Continue reading →