Casting Mass Effect

After seeing Mad Max this weekend, I (like others) have come to see that Charlize Theron could very well be the Commander Shepard we deserve, should anyone ever decide to make a Mass Effect movie. Building off of that, I spent the last few days going over who I would cast for the rest of the main ensemble. Done as a fun exercise, I would highly doubt that any of the actors I’ve picked would actually get cast (in a hypothetical movie no less, so much uncertainty!) but then again, it would feel like a win should it ever happen.

Some actors would of course reprise their roles (Seth Green as Joker, etc.) including having Martin Sheen and Yvonne Strahovski in the tag scene as The Illusive Man and Miranda, setting up the second movie (or as fan service should the movie fail horribly). Also, I imagine all Turians as Brits given their military prowess and strong will (I suppose they could have been German, but hey, I’m bias).


Charlize TheronCharlize Theron - Commander ShepardCommander Shepard
David OyelowoDavid Oyelowo - Garrus VakarianGarrus Vakarian
Dwayne JohnsonDwayne Johnson - Urdnot WrexWrex
Lee PaceLee Pace - Kaidan AlenkoKaidan Alenko
Lyndsy FonsecaLyndsy Fonseca - Ashley WilliamsAshley Williams
Zoe SaldanaZoe Saldana - Tali'Zorah nar RayyaTali
Astrid Bergès-FrisbeyAstrid Bergès-Frisbey - Liara T'soniLiara T'soni
Malcolm McDowellMalcolm McDowell - Saren ArteriusSaren
Sean BeanSean Bean - Nihlus KryikNihlus


And with that, I’m off to Yellowstone!