Just a small update to say I’ve added a page for my project, Boring-by-the-sea, under the “Other Written Works” section. This was a final project for my class on writing javascript. It’s a pretty simple text-based Choose Your Own Adventure game. It’s more flash than substance because I had to write the entire thing in under a month, while also learning how to build it. Therefore, I stuffed it full of every geeky reference I could. Dead giveaways will include STAR WARS title scrolls and Continue reading →

April Media Log

April brought the end to hockey (sad), and opened up the TV show floodgates as it were. We watched a lot of good stuff on Netflix. We also got in a trio of Marvel movies to prepare us for Age of Ultron (even though we’re not going to see it until mid-May). Rainy April does lend itself to a lot of staying in and watching TV, so not surprised there was so much of it this month. May will probably be on the smaller side Continue reading →

Cake (Boss) Penguin Topper

A couple of weekends ago, we decided to try our hand at making our own wedding cake toppers. We’d seen some pretty adorable penguin toppers made by someone in Japan, but they were well beyond the price we felt comfortable spending on such an item. So we had a go at it ourselves! Working the clay was pretty fun and only a little frustrating. Apparently they didn’t need to bake as long as they did, which ended up discoloring the white portions some. To remedy Continue reading →

March Media Log

March is a pretty big sports month. Hockey season is winding down (while at the same time heating up because boy is the playoff race alive for the Bruins) and NCAA basketball dominates the airwaves with the tourney. I thought I would have a smaller list than even February, but we ended up polishing off a lot of lingering shows. With only Dexter and Modern Family still going, I think we might add in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Black Sails, and/or Peaky Blinders (a show I Continue reading →

Town In Action

I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with Arlington today. Now that “the winter” is finally starting to die down, the next big issue for just about everybody is potholes. We’ve had a few particularly bad ones located at the crest of a hill near our house. The angle for the hill was already bad to begin with, but all the plow trucks during the winter really dug the ground up as the edges of their plows would catch the ground going up and over Continue reading →

February Media Log

Pretty light month, even if it was short. Saw some live performances, went to VT for a weekend, and watched a lot of hockey (which I don’t track). I also didn’t feel like the images added a lot, so I’m starting to turn to just text identification of items. Started Continuing Finished

ACS: Scene 10

Bertram turned around to have one last look at the sun setting over South Ridge. Though none of them could see the village anymore, they were doing their best to keep their previous home directly behind them. In his heart, Bertram didn’t believe this was the end for South Ridge. Someday they would return. Someday they would rebuild. First, they would have to find their families so they could all return. “We should probably set up camp soon,” Hartwin said as he turned to look Continue reading →

ACS: Scene 9, Part 3

As he began to head for the yard to check in with Sigmund and Ursula, Bertram heard creaking coming from behind him. He turned in time to see Wendel’s head rising up out of the trap door, his face pale and his eyes red from crying. Bertram almost didn’t notice the hand that gripped Wendel just below the neck, which was hoisting his body through the door first, as if Wendel was a shield. Then Bertram saw him, a well groomed solider, pawing his way Continue reading →

ACS: Scene 9, Part 2

“I see her now.” Ursula’s shout caught Bertram off guard. Wendel was supposed to have made it to the house first and warned them, yet Angelica was now on the banks of the lake and Wendel hadn’t arrived. Sigmund did not hesitate, however, and within a blink of an eye the lake was covered in a veil of fog. There was only a split moment where Bertram was able to get a clear look of Ursula standing up upon the rampart, her bow in hand, Continue reading →

ACS: Scene 9, Part 1

The sun was strong as it hung high in the sky, burning away clouds and briefly returning some warmth to the land. Hermann had departed from the fort in Tambers at sunrise with fifty soldiers, traveling on foot for the mysterious village of South Ridge. Gernot’s rider had taken off just before them, racing as fast as his beast would take him to the capital. Hermann did not feel like expending his own stables just to hunt down a few children, nor did he have Continue reading →