The Solace of Summer: out now!

Note that if you’ve been to the site in the last couple of months and didn’t see this post – don’t worry. There is no weird time anomaly going on. I simply thought it would be best to post this back on when the book actually came out.


So first, Happy Birthday to me! It’s also the release of my latest novel, The Summer of Solace. This is the third in the The Jayrith Series and marks the end of the first trilogy. I have to say that I’ve imagined The Jayrith Series as two part, two trilogy, story. The first trilogy were stories I concocted while in school and they very much have that feel of someone who is still learning. Whether that’s Jayrith or myself, I think of the first trilogy as the “learning” phase.

The second trilogy will see Jayrith fully into adulthood and learning to deal with life’s challenges knowing what he does from his experiences and education. It will also bring the large, “greater than the individual” conflicts that have been brewing quietly in the background. I at once relish the chance to bring these back burner threads into full view of readers while at the same time worrying whether I can pull it off. While I don’t plan to move away from the adventure style fantasy that the Jayrith books have been so far, I know that more epic elements will be mixed in and, well, it could get interesting…


Anywho, that’s the future. This is the present (or the past see: beginning of post). Check out The Solace of Summer on Amazon. Enjoy!

The Solace of Summer