The Cricket Emblem

The Cricket EmblemRelease: May 2014

Illustrator: Nina Kalantari

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It’s been a wild few weeks for Jayrith and his friends. After kidnappings, murders, sea battles, Dragons, and everything else they’ve gone through, the trio of Jayrith, Maurice, and Eryka can finally see normalcy on the horizon. Just as the comfort of returning to Musictown begins to set in, they are once again pulled back into the great big world, this time with the opportunity of a lifetime: to study at the famous Hewytt School. There they find they each have their own personal issues to address, circumstances of their past and future that will change the nature of their lives. With some new schoolmates and old friends, Jay investigates the mystery of his birth and the connections between royalty, scandal, and the friendly cricket that’s been watching over him for years.