The Solace of Summer

The Solace of Summer
Release: November 2017

Illustrator: James_Illus

Available at: Amazon • Gumroad 

Each spring, students of the Hewytt School of Spells and Skills compete in a tournament, with members of each house vying for enough points to win them the coveted grand prize: a summer trip to Triant as guests of the family Greene. Spent at their grandiose manor in a city filled with refined culture, sumptuous delicacies, and exquisite natural beauty, it is an experience all winners remember for the rest of their lives.

As Jayrith and his housemates try to break a decades-long streak of not winning, revered Mage Kudoz Glinheart prepares to finally fulfill a promise he made that may be the only way to ensure the safety of Farenia’s future. Kudoz knows Jayrith is the only one who can help him solve his conundrum, but the adventure ahead of them won’t be easy. As new dangers emerge at every turn, will they both make it through the summer alive?