Yer a Theme Park, ‘Arry!

For our awesome fun time extravaganza this year, I was somehow convinced that we needed to spend a long weekend in Harry Potter World. NB: I loved it, but it was more fun to be against it. The trip was a graduation gift for my SIL, but since we got married about the same time that she graduated last year, we waited to go until this spring. We also coordinated with the Misses’ roommate from college, making it into a full group party!

You can decide which one I'm actually thinking/saying

You can decide which one I’m actually thinking/saying


Previously, I had only ever been to Disney, which meant that Universal as a whole was a new experience for me. We spent a whole day enjoying everything not Harry Potter, which was certainly a lot of interesting and exciting sites. While I’ve never been big on roller coasters, I did enjoy the not-quite-roller-coaster rides that Universal has (Spider-man, Transformers, etc.) as well as all the water rides (especially how stupid hot it got for just the beginning of May!). Even the food was above expectations, including the Cowfish (burger and sushi combo) which was so good we ended up eating their twice.

The rest of the time we spent in the parts of the park for Harry Potter. I cannot do justice to the description of everything that was there (or how exciting the experience is, but the Misses certainly could) but I will say that the immersion level is phenomenal. Even the people working in the shops in Diagon Alley interact with guests as if they are wizards and witches and don’t fully understand muggle technology. If Universal is making a Nintendo Land in the future, I have high hopes that it will be awesome.

Real fire breathing dragon!

Real fire breathing dragon!